Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Is this a timeshare?

No, the La Costa Resort Villas are whole-ownership condominium units.

2.      What does “limited use” mean?

Owners are subject to the following use restrictions in occupying their units:

  • 120 days whole unit use per year

3.      Why are there limited use restrictions?

Limited use restrictions exist in order to maintain a destination resort environment and to comply with local land use zoning requirements mandating that the units be designated and operated as “commercial dwelling units.”

4.      What can I do with my unit when I am not there?

You can rent it out or leave it vacant.

5.      How can I rent my unit?

You may rent your unit by either handling it directly yourself, employing an independent rental agent approved by the homeowner’s association, or signing up with a rental management program operated by an affiliate of the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. The Omni La Costa Resort & Spa hotel operator will provide centralized reservation services.

6.      Will I have a designated parking spot?

No, there is a designated parking facility near the building in which your unit is located, but no specific spaces. The owner of a one bedroom unit will be entitled to the use of one parking space; two and three bedroom units will be entitled to the use of two parking spaces.

7.      Will I be able to use the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa facilities?

Yes, automatically included with the purchase of a unit will be a Villas Signature Sport Membership entitling you and your guests, when accompanied by you, to discounts on food & beverages, spa use, and golf, along with access to the fitness center and tennis courts. Your membership will remain active for as long as you own your unit and pay the quarterly dues unless otherwise modified or terminated by Omni La Costa Resort & Spa.

8.      Are the units only being sold fully furnished?

The units are professionally decorated and fully-appointed with the most exquisite amenities. The units are equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay, from luxurious furnishings to state of the art appliances, cookware and flatware. Since each villa is individually owned please refer to the individual resale listings to determine which furnishings and appointments are included.

9.      Will there be a homeowners association?

Yes, all units are part of a homeowners association and owners will automatically become members of the association. The association will have the responsibility to maintain the building common areas and enforce association rules and regulations.

10.   How are utility costs handled?

All residential unit and common area utility costs are included in the homeowners association budget and will be paid directly to the utility provider by the association. Each unit has an electricity meter and the costs of the unit’s electricity usage will be included in the unit owner’s monthly association assessment. The cost of gas, water and any other utilities that are not separately metered to each unit will be proportionately allocated in each unit owner’s monthly association assessment based on each unit’s electricity usage as a percentage of the overall building electricity usage.

11.    Do owners have to pay a city bed tax during occupancy of their unit?

No, the city bed tax only applies to rental users during their occupancy of the unit. An owner is not required to pay the bed tax during his or her personal use.

12.   How do I access my unit during stays?

The Omni La Costa Resort & Spa manages all check in/check out procedures and controls entrance key activations. You, your guests and your rental users can only obtain access to your unit through the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa.